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Owning a watch used to be a necessity. Now phones have made them almost obsolete.  I buy and sell inexpensive watches for the every day man or woman, or even child to try and bring back the passion.  Every Watch Time L.A watch is cleaned and a new battery installed where applicable.  I sell on eBay so be sure to check out what I have for sale in our watch store as they are always changing.

I will be doing watch repair for the every day watch.  If you need to fix a band, resize a bracelet, replace a battery, remove fog on the inside of a crystal, reinstall a loose hand, clean and polish a case and many more.  You will get super close up images so you can do a simple watch repair and save yourself a bundle.

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We will be doing watch reviews. I know there are thousands of reviews out there, but I hope to bring something new to the mix.  I will literally put watches under a 20X and 40X microscope and look at the finest details inside and out not visible to the eye.  I will feature the everyday man's watches as well as some mid priced options.In depth reviews on affordable watches is my goal!

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SEIKO 7N42 All Stainless Steel Blue Dial - New Battery & Crystal - (Item #1066)

This watch is in excellent conditions and comes with a 14 day no questions asked money back guaranty.  (Buy pays shipping)

$39.95 ​+ Shipping

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