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I know there are a lot of websites out there devoted to horology, watch reviews, watch sales and watch enthusiasts. I’m not trying to compete with any of those, nor am I trying to reinvent the watch industry. I am just a simple watch hobbyist, who has never been affiliated with the watch industry, or watch repair business. After becoming interested in the watch world, I discovered . . .

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. . . there were so many resources with a lot of fantastic information for all levels of watch enthusiasts. I watched dozens of watch reviews and watch repair videos that were expertly done by professional watch retailers, watch repair technicians and just regular watch lovers. I noticed that many of these people are sincere in either their craft, or their passion for watches. However, people wearing a wristwatch are becoming an endangered species and the watch industry is reeling from a recession unique to itself. 

Personally, I have worn a watch daily for as long as I can remember. I think it’s sad that the staple of our society, the wristwatch, is being phased out by cell phones. So in addition to this watch hobby being such much-needed therapy for me, I’m hoping this can help spark interest and others will come back to the watch world. I think anyone out there offering watch reviews, watch repairs and general wristwatch advice is doing it altruistically and for the good of the whole. While those in watch sales obviously benefit from any interest at all, a new wave of watch enthusiasts may very well save the wristwatch industry. 

You also notice, that I have a link to my eBay site for some of my hobby watches that I have for sale. Selling watches is not the purpose of this website, it is simply a way to help offset some of the costs. These are very simple and inexpensive timepieces that I spent many hours cleaning and restoring and making them available to people at very reasonable prices. Many of them will have make an offer options, because my main purpose in selling these watches is to simply perpetuate the process of buying more and restoring those as well. 
I really enjoy doing watch reviews and watch repair videos. I hope to post them fairly regularly as my time permits. I’m not sure where this website will ultimately take me. But like everything I do, I’ll give it my best shot and hope it becomes a useful tool for both me and others. Your feedback means a lot to me. So please take a moment to go to my YouTube channel and subscribe. And if you are interested in one of my hobby watches for sale, please click on my eBay link. I also have a contact page on this website. Feel free to fill it out and offer any advice or information you would like related to the watch industry. Hopefully one day with the help of all of the great people in this hobby, we may once again see a watch on nearly everyone’s wrist.

Horology How I got start . . .

Watch Time L.A. was started in 2016 by me, a single watch hobbyist who needed to find a new direction. I know this will sound like a far-fetched country song, but I assure you, everything is absolutely true. Around 2013 I suffer the loss of some very close to me. Within 12 months of that emotionally wrenching ordeal, I became afflicted with a condition that makes it virtually impossible for me to sit  . . .

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One of my lifelong hobbies up until that time was riding a motorcycle. Over the years I have had many motorcycles which consumed much of my leisure time. At any given moment, it was not unusual to have two motorcycles in my garage at the same time. I would spend hours doing modifications, maintenance and upgrades. Not to mention the long nights detailing them to an immaculate shine. However, I can no longer sit on a motorcycle and as a result have sold off all of my bikes and most of my gear.
As a tinkerer of all things big and small I could not even sit at my workbench in my garage to do a simple task. So I remodeled my garage from the ground up and created a standing desk with every tool I could find at Harbor freight to make my life easier. While I was cleaning out 25 years of garage clutter, I stumbled across my very first pocketknife. I will never forget the day my father gave it to me after years of begging. However it was all rusted and the outer plastic case was badly pitted. I literally spent hours sanding and polishing that little pocketknife until it looked as good as it possibly could.

In doing this I realized I had collected a bunch of tools and polishing supplies, that at this point had no further use. Then I remembered I had at least two wristwatches that hadn’t worked in years. I searched through the house and finally found an old Seiko and a Raymond Weil that my wife gave me. I remember asking a jeweler to look at them years before and after he tried a battery simply shook his head and “said they can’t be fixed”.  Well the words “it can’t be fixed” are fighting words to me. I remember my daughter asking me one time if I ever worked on a car I could not fix. My response was, “if there was a car I couldn’t fix, I’d still be working on it. 

As I started trying to repair these watches, I realized that there were a lot of tools I simply didn’t have to do the job. One by one I collected dozens of inexpensive watch tools and supplies, in fact more than I could ever use. However, it was something that was keeping me busy and finally making me feel a little better about my situation. I then started asking friends and family to give me their broken watches and soon they came one by one, I not only fixed them but made them like new.  There was the occasional watch that would cost more than it was worth the fix and those of course went unfixed. However, each one of those wound up being disassembled for parts for future repairs. The case, hands, crowns, movements, bands, all sorted and stored. I also have dozens of new batteries, bands, crystals and polishing supplies. 

And here we are today, with the creation of the entity Watch Time L.A. I have done a number of YouTube videos on repair. I have also done videos on what seems to be in very high demand, watch reviews. I have also purchased a number of inexpensive watches on eBay, sometimes by the pound, refurbishing them and then reselling them on eBay or giving them as gifts. In fact, you’ll find a number of them available now by clicking on this link. I’m hoping that in addition to me enjoying my new hobby, I can help others with their hobby or simply a repair that would’ve otherwise cost them considerable money. Well that’s my story. I’m always looking for new challenge so feel free to email me any questions or leave comments. I’ll try my best to get back to with a helpful response. In the meantime, I will be posting relative information and linking to other watch related sites. I’m just starting out, so give it time.  

Your’s Truly, Tony   

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